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Blue Skies
Blue Skies


Monday - Friday      9 AM - 3 PM

Summer at Manitou 2024 will be all about exploring growth. Each week we will explore both tangible and abstract themes of growth as it relates to time, space, creativity, plants, creatures, bodies, minds, friendships, feelings, stories, clouds, ideas and more!

AGES 3-5   or   AGES 6-8

Blue Skies



Week 1

July 1 – July 5 (No program on 7/4) | $375

Kicking off Summer at Manitou 2024 with a Big Bang! We will gaze up to the stars, pull inspiration from the ever-expanding galaxy, and look inward to the unique worlds within us all. Together, we will reflect on the space we create and share with others!

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Week 4

July 22 – July 26 | $395

Stalactites, stalagmites and cave dwellers, oh my! What marvelous things grow in voids in the ground. As we journey deeper into the earth we will discover creatures real and imagined, examine the beauty of crystals and emerge with an appreciation for the hidden wonders beneath the surface.


Week 2

July 8 – July 12 | $395


Great big things can come from small beginnings! From tall tall trees to creative ideas, we will explore how to nurture seeds to allow them flourish in all sorts of ways.  We can’t wait to see what might bloom by the end of week 2.


Week 5

July 29– August 2 | $395

From games that make us strong to activities that tickle our brains, we'll discover the awesome connection between keeping our bodies healthy and growing our minds. Let's jump, play, and learn together in a week of exciting adventures that show us how we grow!

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Week 3

July 15 – July 19 | $395

Water is life!  Join us as we dive deep into the wondrous world of water and its role in nurturing growth.  A thirst quencher for some and a comfortable home for others, water in all its forms is worth a week of admiration.  


Week 6

August 5– August 9 | $395


Imagine a world where we all shine brightly to help each other grow! Let your light sparkle as we explore how it makes shadows dance and brings vibrant colors to life.  We conclude our summer program by illuminating the personal growth influenced by the lights and shadows in our lives.

Dates & Rates

Summer at Manitou is a 6-week program.  Each week is $395 per week. There is an exception for week 1 ($375) because there will be no summer program on 7/4. We do not offer extended day programming.


Registration is now open!

$150 per week deposit due at time of registration

Health & Safety

Families are required to share allergy and medical condition information, and health and immunization records upon registration. Our staff greatly appreciates working in partnership with families to ensure the summer is safe.  

Blue Skies



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Maggie McCabe

Summer Program Manager

Maggie is a School Counselor and part of the administrative team at Manitou School. She has years of experience working with children in classroom and summer program settings. 

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Javier Piñón

Art Director

Javi is an educator in the Pre-k program at Manitou School.  He combines his BFA in Painting and Art History, Masters in Education, ukulele skills and Cuban heritage to create a magical world for students to explore art with all of their senses. 

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Terence Murren

School-Age Lead

Terence is Manitou's Music Teacher.  Terence carries with him years of experience as a Music Educator, a performer and his trusty guitar.  Where he goes, music is sure to follow.  Terence fills the summer days with opportunities to interact with music in many ways.  

Blue Skies
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Yrma Avellaneda

Prek-K Lead

Yrma is a Spanish Teacher at Manitou.  She has years of experience in the Pre-K setting and now teaches over a span of grades. Yrma is from Peru and loves to incorporate her language and culture into all that she does. Her ability to connect with the little ones is truly amazing.

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Elisa Santiago

Prek-K & School-Age Assistant

Elisa is a Spanish Teacher at Manitou. She has worked with children for many years in New York City and in the Hudson Valley. Elisa integrates her love for choreography, performance art and movement into almost all summer activities and the results are glorious.

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Sophia Jackson

Prek-K Lead

Sophia is an assistant teacher at Beacon Hebrew Alliance pre-school program and has co-taught in many classes in the Hudson Valley area.

She is trained in the Alexander Technique and incorporates the technique into her teaching through playing with movement and awareness. She delights in all the ways to PLAY with movement, music and artistic expression. 

Blue Skies
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Eric Saiet

School-Age Assistant

​Eric is Manitou’s Drama Teacher. Eric is an actor, screenwriter and teacher for children's theater. Eric teaches with an emphasis on improvisation, theater games and playwriting.  Eric is always in waiting to improvise activities which support the children's interests. Wherever students want to go, Eric gets them there

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